Senior Year Is Special

It took four years. Four years of walking the halls of Fort Mill, taking tests, making life-long friends, and finally learning all the new dances to get to this point. You stand at an exciting moment looking ahead into your endless possibilities. With all those possibilities come decisions, right? So many decisions! Where are you going to school? What are you going to do? And those just scratch the surface. But amidst all the crazy, you're also supposed to get Senior Pictures done somehow. With all the options available it's easy to get overwhelmed, but South Charlotte Images makes it so easy for you. 

Premium Quality
Online Booking
Complete Online Gallery Within 1 Week
Easily Downloadable Images
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Creative Direction from Jocelyn Jacob

I look forward to talking with you about picking the perfect location and creating the best experience you could imagine.
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As a Junior or Senior at Weddington High School, we want to offer you:

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