3 Things To Do To Save Your Family Pictures

Getting Family Pictures Can Suck

Yes, we've all been there (even me). Spending ten minutes shouting at the kids to stop playing and sit still and smile. If only people saw what it took to get my family pictures done, we might not be friends...lol. So, I've learned a few tips to make it the best it can be.

1. Bring Toys/Games/Snacks To Your Photography Session

You see, as the photographer, I always bring things to help the kids stay focused, have fun and earn some rewards!

  • I got a Fart Gun (from Despicable Me), which works 100% of time to make kids laugh.

  • Fruit Snacks for good listeners

  • Balls to kick around while they wait their turn

Be creative, your family will thank you!

2. Pick A Spot That The Family Enjoys

These work great for Lifestyle Sessions (read #3...) When you can make the expectations a little more chill and fun, everyone can enjoy themselves more and you'll be surprised how great those pictures turn out!

3. Lifestyle Sessions Are LifeSAVERS

A Lifestyle Session is where just let you be you. Let's go play at the park, or bake cookies at home, or get ready for bed time. Whatever you love doing together and is naturally a fun experience, those are the best for pictures because no one is faking it. Just the photographer (aka South Charlotte Images ) create the magic and you'll be amazed!

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